Environmental Sustainability

The great thing about being a sailing yacht is the wind is free! Why use the engine when you can cruise along the environmentally friendly way.
Of course there are times we need to use the engines and we try to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. A rough average over last season was 8 litres per trip – that should make the power boaties cry!

Our engines are 20 Hp & a 60Hp outboards, regularly maintained to keep them running sweet and clean – it helps that the boss is a marine engineer by trade.

Our company vehicles are regularly serviced and hooning not allowed.

We always try our best to source local products and services, supporting local businesses where we can. The Nelson/Tasman region has fantastic locally produced food and great wines and craft beers, so we don’t have to look too far.
We enjoy getting our youth out on the yachts and offer great rates for schools and community groups.
Supporting local community groups, schools and sports clubs with prizes, fund raising; support in rubbish collections on our beautiful beaches and waterways; offering mentoring and a bit of public speaking.
We are on local community boards and involved with a good handful of community advisory groups.

Buying in bulk where we can helps cut down on packaging
We provide water on board – lovely local tap water; sorry we are not encouraging plastic bottle water. The juice we provide also comes in the bigger size packets for us to share – no need for wasteful individual serve containers.
Toilet paper is brought in bulk and made from recycled paper (not recycled toilet paper!)
Yes we recycle glass, plastic, paper, metals, oil, batteries – whatever we can.
Food scraps go onto the compost and keep the worms and garden happy.
Black water disposable exceeds the minimum maritime regulations.

Approximately 90% of our operation is ‘off Grid’! Our yachts produce their own energy through solar and wind generation. This powers our batteries, winches, electrics – no need for mains electric power. Low power consumption is the key and LED lightening is great for this. Simplistic operations mean we don’t need power hungry gadgets, air conditioning or machinery. We have a home based office where the laundry is washed using solar heated hot water and great Nelson sunshine for line drying.

Our boats only carry so much water, so efficient and sparing use is important. With our overnight trips this is our chance to educate you that you don’t need to have 20 minute showers or leave the tap running while you clean your teeth. We use salt water, not fresh, to flush the boat loos. The water from the laundry is recycled onto our garden keeping it green and helping to produce fresh veges and pretty flowers.

When we have to buy cleaners we buy the eco-friendly stuff. Or none at all – have you tried the Enjo system? No chemicals.With hull maintenance we make sure no nasty stuff gets into the ground or waters by collecting any scrapings off the hull. We operate under strict Maritime regulations and have a big manual of our company’s Policies and Procedures.

Free Pocket Guide

Up to date information on Weather, Tides, Wildlife & Walking times

Download the Project Janszoon free smart phone app for up-to-date information on weather, tides, points of interest, history, plants, wildlife and walking times in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Project Janszoon is a privately funded trust working with the Department of Conservation, the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust, the community and local iwi to restore the ecology of the Abel Tasman National Park over a 30-year time frame.

Once the app has downloaded it works even when you are offline, so it's a perfect pocket guide to help you discover the Abel Tasman and it will update itself when you get within range of the various wi-fi hotspots around the Park.